A Study on Consumer Awareness on Consumer Protection Forum in Calicut City, Kerala

C.P. Ameen
Ph.D. Research Scholar (Full Time), Department of Commerce,
PSG College of Arts and Science, Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu, India
International Conference on Transcending Boundaries in Corporate World (CRYSTAL – 2017)
PG and Research Department of Commerce with Computer Applications,
Hindusthan College of Arts and Science (A), Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu, India
Shanlax International Journal of Commerce
Volume 6, Special Issue 1, December 2017, ISSN: 2320-4168, Pages: 1-6


In this competitive era, consumer is considered as the king in the market, but actually the king is misguided and exploited by his kingdom especially in the developing and underdeveloped countries like India. Even though Govt. of India has established many laws and organizations in order to protect the interests of consumers, still now majority of Indian consumers are exploited. In such a context, this study focuses to analyze consumer awareness on Consumer Protection Forum in Calicut city, Kerala. The results of the study disclose that majority of the respondents are not interested to go court against unfair trade practices by traders, even though they know about Consumer Protection Act and District Consumer Protection Forum. The study concludes that proper consumer education and awareness should be imparted to consumers and proper and immediate action should be taken by government in order to enhance faith of the consumers on legislative machineries.


Consumer Protection, Awareness, Consumer Forum, Unfair Trade Practices, Consumer Rights