Slavehood to Womanhood

Dr. Chitra Sivasubramaniam
Department of English, Avinashilingam Institute for Home Science and
Higher Education for Women, Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu, India
Volume 6, Issue 1, December 2017, Pages: 58-63
ISSN: 2320-2645, UGC Approved Journal No. 44248, Impact Factor: 3.125


The paper probes into human relationships, since the present problem is closely concerned with mind and heart and the crusade is against age-old established systems. He discovers the pattern of human relationship emerging under the weight of multi-dimensional pressures and tensions. The novelty of the play lies in the theme of the struggle and consequently the sufferings, that the ‘drop outs’ of the family and society, have to undergo inorder to stay alive and come to terms with life. He questions on the status of Lakshmi and Champa in the male-dominated feudal society where all the consequences of maladjustment are thrust by the breadwinner on the bread-dependent female.


Human relationship, Struggle, Suffering, Male-domination