FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

» What will do for my article submission?
To submit article choose required Journal the List of Journals in our Home page and click ‘MAKE A SUBMISSION’ icon.

» It is open access journal?
Shanlax Journals are open access and follow COPE – Principles of Transparency and Best Practice in Scholarly Publishing.

» It is peer reviewed journal?
Yes, it is peer-reviewed journal listed in ULRICHS WEB (with Referee’s Shirt Symbol). For details kindly visit http://www.shanlaxjournals.in/wp-content/uploads/UlrichWeb.pdf

» What is plagiarism policy?
Shanlax Journals are totally against any unethical act of copying or plagiarism in any form and articles having below 10% plagiarism only allowed for publication. For further details visit http://www.shanlaxjournals.in/plagiarism-policy/

» Which software is used for plagiarism/ similarity check?
Grammarly software used for checking plagiarism.

» Can I send only abstract or full paper?
Send full-length paper for the review process.

» How much time taken for your review process?
Our Editorial Review will take the maximum three or four working days. But for peer-review, it will take minimum of ten working days for complete study your article.

» In total, how many days it will take to publish my article?
Minimum one month. It includes editorial and peer-review, and it includes the time required by editor-in-chief to arrive at decision. Some time, peer-review may require more time to review the article and our decision maker editor-in-chief requests additional time. It may take longer period. Authors can know their article status at any time on our website with reason delay in evolution.

» How many reviewers will evaluate/examine the submitted paper?
Your paper will be initially sent to Editorial Review, and after acceptance, it will sent to Double-Blind Peer-review.

» At a time, how many papers have to submit for my publication?
You can submit papers for many numbers of time. But you have submit it different volume and issue.

» How many authors allowed to participate in paper?
Maximum three authors are to be allowed in paper.

» Shall I submit my paper to the other journals at the same time?
No. Kindly avoid such unethical article submission. Initially, submit your article to one Journal and wait for review report.

» Can you help me to prepare an article for the publication? I will pay your fee.
No. We never do this work.

» What font style, size and page set I have to follow for my paper? If there any template for submitting article to your Journal?
Use Times New Roman font with font size 12. Use MS word default page setting. Other page setting work is done by our Journal Publication division. For further details http://www.shanlaxjournals.in/author-guidelines/

» What is your article withdrawal policy?
Kindly visit the following link to know about our article withdrawal policy

» Kindly give guidelines and author instructions?
It is available on our website. Kindly visit http://www.shanlaxjournals.in/author-guidelines/

» What is your Journal’s copyrights policy?
It is available on our website. Kindly visit http://www.shanlaxjournals.in/copyright-policy/

» Where I send my complaints? And how much time it will take to resolve it?
Send your complaints to our mail id: complaints.shanlax@gmail.com
Normally it will take one working day to resolve your complaint.

» What are the benefits, I obtained while publishing my article in Shanlax Journals?
You will get valid DOI number, indexed in world’s renowned indexing services like WorldCat, CrossRef, Zenodo, Research Gate and Google Scholar. Apart from this, when you order a hard copy of your Journal, you will get, publication certificate.

» Shall I get a hard copy of my article after publication?
The details your hard copy of Journal is given in our website http://www.shanlaxjournals.in/subscription-details/

» Will you provide a hard copy of the publication certificate?
If you order for a hard copy, we will send it along with your certificate of publication.

» My article is published with two more co-authors. Shall I get an individual publication certificate?
If you order three hard copies, we will send a separate certificate for each participant.

» How will I make corrections in my article after publication?
Kindly send your correction details along with your article details like Journal title, volume, issue number to our mail ID, we will do the needful as early as possible.

» It is necessary to give my ORCID iD when submitting my article?
Yes. If you are having, kindly send it with your submitted article.

» What is my other option if my paper gets rejected?
Shanlax Journals always like to encourage budding writers and ready to give full technical support to improve their article quality and presentation. Even after it was rejected, you will find the reason, try to rectify it and resubmit it again in our Journal or other suitable journals.

» What will I do after getting my article acceptance letter?
After issuing of acceptance letter, our Journal’s production team takes charge for typesetting and printing. Kindly make sure, the corresponding author keeps in touch with our Journal team and submits copyright form to complete the publication process. Send details for your offprints and hard copy requirements to mail.

» What type of copyright policy followed by your Journal?
Authors are requested to grant the publisher exclusive publication and distribution rights. It will ensure the widest possible preservation and distribution of information under copyright laws. The copyright retains with the authors.

» I like to know about my submitted article status. How can I find it out?
Shanlax Journals currently using effective Journal Management System OJS (Open Journal Systems). Hence you can find out your article status with your registered user name and password (created when you submit the article). Apart from this, you can view your article status on our website by clicking the icon ‘Article Status’ in the right side panel.

» How can I order offprints?
For details kindly visit http://www.shanlaxjournals.in/subscription-details/

» You can find your nearby institution library to read our Journal. Details given website page
You can find your nearby institution library to read our Journal. Details given website page http://www.shanlaxjournals.in/library-list/

» What are the maximum pages allowed for an article?
Five to seven pages in A4 size is allowed — anyhow, concisely prepare your article, leaving out anything which is unnecessary.

» What type of permission, I will submit while using third party material in my article?
When we use materials for reference purpose, sometimes it requires the only acknowledgment of source. But some other case you have obtain written permission from author or institution where they hold it copyright before using your article.

» Should you share editor or author contact details?
Our Editorial board members contact details are available on journal’s Editorial Board information page. We not have the authors’ permission to release their details. Please e-mail the Shanlax Journals, and will pass your message to author concerned.

For any further clarification, feel free to contact shanlaxjournals@gmail.com