Volume 5 – Special Issue 3 – November 2017 – ISSN: 2321-788X

(Hosted by: G.T.N. Arts College (A), Dindigul)

தன்னிகரில்லாத் தமிழர்
முனைவர் கி.சாந்தினி
Climate Change: Food Security in India
Dr.P.Ravichandran, Dr.M.Anandan & S.Kannan
Notes on Intuitionistic Fuzzy Graphs
Dr.C.Subramani, S.Ramachandran, Dr.K.Arjunan & M.Subha
Growth and Characterization on Bimetallic Thiyocyanate Single Crystal of CMTC (SCN)
Dr.T.Rajesh Kumar, Dr.R.Jeyasekaran, Dr.P.Dennish Christy & Dr.P.Sagayraj
Synergistic Inhibition Behaviour of Hydroxy Proline – Zn2+ System on Mild Steel In Well Water
Dr.S.K.Selvaraj, K.Karthik Kumar, X.Joy Pradeep & Dr.A.John Amalraj