Challenges in Availing Finance for MSME Entrepreneurs

K Murugeswari

Research Scholar, C.P.A College, Bodinayakanur, Theni, Tamil Nadu, India

Peer Review Report

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Reviewer’s Comments to Authors

Major Comments

  1. There is no information on the study area where the study has been done. It is important to add where the findings/suggestions/results will be adopted (any nation/state/ district/etc.)
  2. There is no information on period which the study has been taken place. It is mandatory to add the ‘period of study’.
  3. Abstract is not fulfilling its purpose. Abstract should cover the complete need of the study. So the readers can get a narrative view of the entire study.
  4. Introduction part of the study is not fulfilling its part. Detailed introduction regarding the title can be given and footnote reference should be added for the statistical information given.
  5. There is no information on the review of related literatures. If this study is first hand study the researcher should produce valid proof or can include the reference details on the study.
  6. There is no discussion on the first objective given ‘to understand the financial needs of MSME Entrepreneurs’ in the paper. It is strongly advised to the author to give some information on the financial needs of MSME entrepreneurs or otherwise the point given as objective should be removed.
  7. Given suggestions and conclusion is not based on the study. It is common suggestion which not exactly giving the solution of ‘challenges faced by Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises while availing the loans from financial institutions’ which given in the abstract of the study.
  8. Author needs to give a correlation between given statistical information and period which the study has been done. The data seems about 2006. So it is important to add period and updated information for the study.
  9. Given references are also not satisfying the needs of a publication. If all the information are got from website the author need not to mention that the sources for the study has been collected from ‘books, journals, research articles and reports’. So it is advised to the author to add correct source of reference for the current study.
  10. There is no information on data collection, period of study, techniques used for collecting the data, footnote and findings for the study. The author should focus on the above mentioned parts which are mainly needed for a research study.

Minor Comments

  1. There was no mention of the limitations of the study, one of which is the apparently high dropout rate.
  2. There is no information on the research methodology used for the study. Researcher should concentrate on this part and give the methodology of selecting this particular topic.
  3. Non-frequency of the contents is there which are to be given more concentrate for valuable research study.
  4. Researcher can be highlight the research gap and pave the way for future research.
  5. For every reference there should be a footnote in the relevant pages.