SWOC Analysis of Kirana Shops

P B Lupane

Assistant Professor, K. G. D. Bapu Lad College, Kundal, Sangli District, Maharashtra, India

Peer Review Report

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Reviewer’s Comments to Authors

Major Comments

  1. There is no information on period which the current study has been done. It is mandatory to add the ‘period of the study’ in the paper.
  2. Where the problems of Kirna Shopkeepers addressed the author can suggest some strategies/ways to overcome the problems as a part of the study which increase the value of the paper.
  3. There is no information on the review of related literatures. Author has mentioned that secondary sources like report of previous studies been used for current study. It is important to mention how the other studies are used for this study. If this study is first hand study the researcher should produce valid proof or can include the reference details on the study.
  4. There was no mention of the limitations of the study, one of which is the apparently high dropout rate.

Minor Comments

  1. Author is advised to add reference number for the statistical data given in the theoretical part of the study for future reference purpose.
  2. In the first objective it is stated that ‘To know socio-economic background of the Kirana shops’. We cannot study the socio-economic status of an object it should reword as ‘To know socio-economic background of the Kirana shopkeepers’.
  3. Researcher can be highlight the research gap and pave the way for future research.
  4. For every reference there should be a footnote in the relevant pages.