A Study on Individuals Perception towards Development of Digital Economy during Covid-19 Pandemic

  • K.R Srinivasan Assistant Professor & Head, Department of Economics Sourashtra College (A), Madurai, Tamil Nadu, India
  • J Duraichamy Assistant Professor, Department of Commerce & Research Centre Sourashtra College (A), Madurai, Tamil Nadu, India
Keywords: Digital economy, Digital transactions, Perception


Developing country like India is facing major economical drawback because of out break of Covid-19 and it causes adverse effect on various sector like manufacturing auto, retail aviation and hospitality due to lock downs and migration of labours, on other side COVID-19 outbreak has helped India to achieve digitalization mission. In this study has been taken to know the positive impact of COVID-19 in development of digital economy in Tamilnadu. Objective of this study is to know the individual’s perception towards increased usage of digital transactions on during COVID-19 pandemic and its impact on socio economic profile. 148 samples were collected with the help of questionnaire. SPSS package has been used to derive statistical inferences.

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