Kadamba Tank Cultivation Area: A Status of Agricultural Sector

Keywords: Zero water consumption crops, Kadamba Tank, Middle men, Ayakatu, Water user association, Meagre income


The Thamirabarani River is one of the prominent sources of water for Kadamba Tank. Thamirabarani river is the perennial river in the South Tamil Nadu. Apart from that, which can store water during the North-East Monsoon period. The water user association members are getting money from duck rears and allowing duck into the agriculture fields after the harvest. The agriculturist is saying that after the first harvest if the water is not sufficient for the next crop such as paddy, farmers can go for the crop such as zero water consumption crops like green gram, black gram. Because of duck farming, agriculturists are not able to get benefited from low-cost crops. Indeed, water is the scarcity of resources in Tamil Nadu; irrigation water should not be charged more. Like other places in Tamil Nadu, in Kadamba Kulam agriculture basin, also collecting charges (ayakatu) for water usage by the association. The nonavailability of water throughout the year, the agricultural labors are moved from native and employed in the industrial sector. Tamil Nadu is a water tense state that lingers to experience water shortages which are expected to exacerbate in future due to the political pressure and money laundering, Justices A. Selvam and P. Kalaiyarasan dismissed the petitions on several grounds, including the State government’s submission that only 43 mc ft out of 5,049 mcf of surface water that goes waste into the sea was being supplied to the two industries. The court said that such supply did not affect either irrigation or drinking water needs of the people in any way.

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