Enhancement of Composition Skill in English through Package and Worksheets in Class -8

  • M N Geetha Lecturer, District Institute of Education and Training, Oddanchatram, Dindigul District, Tamil Nadu, India
Keywords: improvement, the proportion of different parts to make a whole. An essay, to have knowledge or comprehension, to have personal or practical knowledge, something which consists of various components or elements, a sheet of paper or computerized document on which problems are worked out or solved and answers recorded, special strategy or method or activity to improve the existing method


English is the most widely spoken and written language in the world. Action Research is the process of identifying the problem and provides an immediate solution to that problem. The investigator identifies the problem that most of the students in 8th standard are not able to write the composition exercises by their own. Improving the writing skill among the students is the major responsibility of an English teacher. So the investigator constructed the package and worksheets as an aid and provide guidance to the students in composition writing English. The package contains the elaborate details and needed skills of composition writing. The worksheets contain the simple activities and needed vocabulary for composition writing in selected topics. 20 students from 8th standard were taken for the study. The student’s performance in the pre-test was poor and messy. The intervention strategies were given to the students continuously. After certain duration, the post-test was conducted. The results showed the effectiveness of the continuous practice of the students. This result supported the concept that the language acquasition is a skill which could be obtained through regular and constant practice.

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