The Effect of Peer Assessment Application on Writing Anxiety and Writing Motivation of 6th Grade Students

Keywords: Writing Anxiety, Writing Motivation, Peer Assessment, Writing Skill


This research, aims to investigate whether peer assessment application has an effect on writing anxiety and writing motivation of 6th grade students. It is one of the quantitative research designs. The study group of the research consists of 6th grade students attending a secondary school in Turkey. There are 35 students in the study, 17 are in the experimental group and 18 are in the control group. The data of the study were collected with “Writing Anxiety Scale” and the “Writing Motivation Scale”. For six weeks, a peer assessment application was carried out and the texts written by the students were evaluated by their peers with a peer assessment form. In the analysis of the data, firstly t-test was performed for unrelated groups, and two-way ANOVA was used for complex measures. According to the findings obtained in the research, it was concluded that writing anxiety of the experimental group students, who have lessons with peer assessment method, decreased significantly compared to the control group students who have lessons with the current program. When the students’ writing motivations were examined, it was found that writing motivation scores of the experimental group students were higher than the control group students. In line with these findings, it can be stated that peer assessment application reduces students’ writing anxiety and increases their writing motivation. Based on the results obtained, some recommendations were made.

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Tunagür, M. (2021). The Effect of Peer Assessment Application on Writing Anxiety and Writing Motivation of 6th Grade Students. Shanlax International Journal of Education, 10(1), 96-105.