Role of ICT for better Mathematics Teaching

  • Kaushik Das Assistant Professor, Department of B. Ed., Gobardanga Hindu College, West Bengal, India
Keywords: Information and Communication Technologies, ICT Integration, ICT in Mathematics, Mathematical Education, Teacher-Training, Teaching


The objective of this study is to explore the role of the application of ICT tools in Mathematics teaching. Learning and conversation technologies (ICT) are an integral part of daily life, including the teaching-learning process. Mathematics is considered the queen of all sciences. For a long time, the role of mathematics was reduced to the purely academic domain. But at present, the role of mathematics is not limited to the purely academic domain. It has entered the field of technology and industry. This paper will highlight the importance of the integration of knowledge and communication technologies (ICT) into the teaching and learning of mathematics in Teacher-Training College and School level. The methodology of the research is a different type involving an interpretative, conversation, observation and study secondary sources, like books, articles, journals, thesis, university news, expert opinion, and websites, etc. Finally, meaningful suggestions are given.

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