A Review of World Literature: Theories and Models

  • Sonali Ganguly Research Scholar, International Institute of Information Technology, Bhubaneswar, Orissa, India
  • Lipika Das Assistant Professor, Communicative English, IIIT, Bhubaneswar, Orissa, India
Keywords: World Literature, Indian Literature, Translation, world literary market, Circulation, Reception


This paper intends to project, a brief critical overview of the existing theories and trends in the study of world literature. It begins with the emphasis on the origin and gradual evolution of the term world literature and its journey to become a discipline in the literary studies. The paper is broadly divided into two segments. The initial part would deal with the theories generated by the experts followed by the counter arguments, challenges and limitations associated with world literature. I would also attempt to demonstrate the plurality in defining world literature and the last segment of the paper would interrogate the concept of world literature through an Indian literary perspective.

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