A Study on Recent Trends in Artificial Intelligence

D Harris Kumar

Assistant Professor, Department of MBA, KV Institute of Management and Information Studies, Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu, India

V Renga Boss

Assistant Professor, KV Institute of Management and Information Studies, Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu, India

Peer Review Report

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Reviewer’s Comments to Authors

Major Comments

  1. Very important part of any research study is objective. Without objective a research study will not be a complete one. So, the researcher has to add research objectives of the study.
  2. There is no source of collecting information for given figure/statistical data. It is important to add source of data below to the figure given.
  3. There is no information on the research methodology used for the study. Researcher should concentrate on this part and give the methodology of selecting this particular topic.
  4. The study seems like secondary data oriented but there was no information on the review of related literatures. If this study is first hand study the researcher should produce valid proof or can include the reference details on the study.
  5. There is no information on data collection, period of study, techniques used for collecting the data, footnote and findings for the study. The author should focus on the above mentioned parts which are mainly needed for a research study.
  6. The references (reference number 2 and 3) given in the study is not even matching/relating with the title of the present study. It is strongly advised to the author should include related references only to be added.
  7. In one figure 2017 details have given and in another figure forecasted data from 2016-2025 details have given. So it is strongly recommended to the author to give correct year/period of the study has been done.

Minor Comments

  1. Introduction part of the study is not fulfilling its part. Detailed introduction regarding the title can be given.
  2. Non-frequency of the contents is there which are to be given more concentrate for valuable research study.
  3. For every reference there should be a footnote in the relevant pages.
  4. Researcher can be highlight the research gap and pave the way for future research.