Impact of Financial Risks on the Profitability of Commercial Banks in India

Chetan Shetty

Assistant Professor, Department of Management Studies, Global Academy of Technology, Bangalore, Karnataka, India

Anitha S Yadav

Professor, Department of Management Studies, Presidency University, Bengaluru, Karnataka, India

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Reviewer’s Comments to Authors

Major Comments

  1. Source of information given in the table and pictures (whether it is primary/secondary data) should be added for future reference purpose.
  2. Instead of giving all tables of analysis in the paper author can highlight the major findings of the study.
  3. Very important part of any research study is objective. This paper is not framed with any objective it seems. There is no any objective of the study in any part of the paper. Without objective a research study will not be a complete one. So, the researcher has to add research objectives in the study.
  4. Since the study is based on secondary sources of data collection the author needs to add the source details for main statistical information as well as for descriptive too as a footnote reference.
  5. There was no mention of the limitations of the study, one of which is the apparently high dropout rate.
  6. Too many information has given randomly which is not particularly meet out the need for the study. The author should eliminate some data which is not exactly needed for the study for crisp information about the study.
  7. There is no point of highlighting/discussion on the impacts of financial risks on the profitability of commercial banks in India and suggestions for avoiding the financial risks which is being the main point to be discussed in the paper.
  8. For every reference there should be a footnote in the relevant pages.
  9. Researcher can be highlight the research gap and research implications.