An Analysis on Human Resource Management Practices and Job Satisfaction with Special Reference to IT Company

  • Shivi Srivastava Visiting Faculty, Centre of Food Technology, Institute of Professional Studies, University of Allahabad, Prayagraj, Uttar Pradesh, India
Keywords: Job satisfaction, Practices of human resource management, Theories of job satisfaction, Job description, Health and safety, Grievance handling, Welfare activities, Quality of work life, Security


The job satisfaction of employees signifies one of the furthermost multifaceted zones fronting nowadays executives when it talks about handling their workers. The human resource department should focus on promoting job satisfaction. Till individuals and every single company release not all of the effort to discover the specific difficulties which touch not only their gratification but the complete performance, it will develop loads of trouble. The specific study is regarding the Human Resource Management Practices and job satisfaction with special reference to IT Company.
The study was undertaken at SDITS: Software Development & Website Designing Company in Lucknow. The worker of the company was the target populace chosen for this work. The pilot study presented numerous aids to know the circumstances and to confirm the samples of the work. The sample frame for work was 200; for executing a pilot study, the investigator took a quantity of 5% of the sample frame, a size of 25. It displayed the response as 95% belongs to a specific category. So the investigator has taken S as 95% and T as 5%. The level of confidence reserved is 95%; thus, the Z value is 1.96. If Z is 95%, the E value must be 5%. Therefore, the sample size is 129. This is the descriptive research study and stratified random sampling grounded on six subdivisions like Human Resource, Finance, Labour, Quality management, Production and Research and Development for picking samples.
It was marked that practically every worker was fulfilled with their effort under the assumed practices of human resources management. The specific work once more evidenced that practices of human resource management have countless character within the company to encounter their objectives. Till the company providing complete effort, each worker will confront terrible outcomes.

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