Globalization and Ethical Confront

  • S B Sathiya Moorthi Guest Lecturer, Department of Commerce, Madurai Kamaraj University Evening College, Dindigul, Tamil Nadu, India
Keywords: Global, ethics, moral, ICT, business


This paper looks at the importance of business morals in the global business situation. The moral impact of globalization on various partners like investors, workers, clients, providers, contenders, government and common society has been contemplated. The moral issues looked by associations in worldwide human asset the board, global money related administration, universal advertising, creation, and data and correspondence innovation (ICT) have been investigated. Business moral rehearses in worldwide organizations like Walmart, Coca-Cola, Nike, Texas Instruments, Infosys Technologies furthermore, Sony Corporation has been investigated. It turns out from the examination that moral business authority is urgent for long haul achievement of the association. The associations should try to give value based initiative to thrive. In the nutshell, this paper particularly intersections the noticeable orders like showcasing, fund, human asset, creation, ICT and so forth to set up the estimation of business morals in developing global business situation.