The Relevance of Customer Relationship Management Strategies in Creating Customer Loyalty and Satisfaction: An Analytical Study

  • Saurav Kumar Assistant Professor, School of Management Sciences, Varanasi, Uttar Pradesh, India
Keywords: Customer relationship management (CRM), Customer satisfaction, Customer loyalty, Globalization, ANOVA


Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is significantly regarded in the market for existing, likewise, current customers. This paper inspected the effect of client relationship management (CRM) components on consumer loyalty and satisfaction. A fair CRM (customer relationship the board) program that helps the association satisfy the customer, the investigation study would examine uncommon systems and methods for setting up effective CRM to satisfy the customers. The inspiration for driving the examination was to check the sufficiency of customer relationship Management (CRM) in holding and satisfying customers. The investigation utilized quantitative methodology and base on 100 respondents. Multiple Regression and ANOVA are utilized to look at the relationship between the factors.
In this investigation, we center around these issues that are carrying noteworthiness to more raised level experts in an affiliation: is there an association between CRM with shopper dedication and Indian affiliations? With appropriate verifiable assessment, the hypotheses delineated in this examination are affirmed and the results show a certain high association among the components considered for the examination. The connected writing exhibits a critical relationship among compelling CRM, consumer loyalty and consumer satisfaction.
The examiner reasoned that CRM is assuming a significant part in expanding the pie piece; it upgrades efficiency, prevalent worker’s assurance in the mean. Simultaneously, it improves the inside and out client information and higher consumer loyalty to improved client unwaveringness organization will likewise have the unmistakable data that what are their clients, what are their needs, and what will make them more fulfilled.
The examination trusted is one of a kind and no exploration has been done to gauge the impact of client relationship management in upgrading client reliability and consumer loyalty.

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