Leadership Styles among the Team Leaders of Software Companies in Chennai

  • M Ganesan @ Kanagaraj Assistant Professor, Department of Management Studies, SRM Valliammai Engineering College, Kanchipuram, Tamil Nadu, India
Keywords: Team Leader, Stress, Medication, Employee, Information Technology, Depression


A team leader is a person who gives great ideas, inputs and guidance to their team members in order to achieve the goal. The primary job of the team leader is dividing the work and allocates the work to each member in the group based on their specialization. In the software, companies have a lot of teams, and the team leader’s role is very important. If the team leader is efficient, he or she can get work from others easily if the team leader is incompetent or inefficient, it’s very difficult to get work from others. Another important role of a team leader is to assess everyone contribution for a particular period. Generally judging others and evaluating others is a difficult job and complex also. In this situation, the team leader important role in evaluating the employee’s performance for a particular period, and if the performance is good team leader recommend financial and non-financial benefits. Team leader styles create a major impact of the teammates sometimes they perceived positive, and sometimes they perceive negative. In this study about leadership styles among the team leaders of software companies.

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