Membership Positions and Problems Faced by Housing Cooperative Societies

  • B Jeeva Rekha Assistant Professor in Commerce, Sri Vasavi College (Aided), Erode, Tamil Nadu, India
Keywords: Cooperatives, self-help, housing societies, TNCHF, NCHF, housing loan


Cooperative action is being increasingly recognized as an ideal mechanism for securing the involvement of the people and for utilizing their self-help in the whole process of home building. Cooperatives allow members to pool resources to achieve greater benefits than they could as individuals. Cooperation in its literal sense means working together. However, in a technical sense, the term means working together for some economic pursuit, but based on certain basic principles and values. These essentially include idea of self help, mutual aid and defence of the poor against exploitation. This paper indeed concentrates on the borrowers preferences in selecting Cooperative Housing Societies as their agency and in turn the problems faced by the societies during distribution of loans.

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Jeeva Rekha, B. (2019). Membership Positions and Problems Faced by Housing Cooperative Societies. Shanlax International Journal of Management, 7(2), 70-76.