Shanlax International Journal of Arts, Science and Humanities

A Peer-reviewed Scholarly Indexed Quarterly Journal

Shanlax International Journal of Arts, Science and Humanities is a print, open-access Journal published by Shanlax International Journals. Shanlax International Journals are meant for promoting by an interest of the blooming and prospective writers. Within this orientation, the journal provides a focus for theoretical, applied, interdisciplinary, history of thought and methodological work, with the strong emphasis on realistic analysis, the development of critical perspectives, the provision and use of empirical evidence, and the construction of policy. The articles published in the Shanlax International Journals are intended to give an exposure to the Research Scholars pursuing their investigations at PhD level.

Journal Information

Title Shanlax International Journal of Arts, Science and Humanities
Frequency Quarterly (July, October, January and April)
P-ISSN 2321-788X E-ISSN 2582-0397
Chief Editor Dr.N.Ayyanathan Publisher S.Lakshmanan, B.E.,
Subject Multidisciplinary Published by Shanlax International Journals
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Topics Covered

Economics, Health, Medicine, History, Philosophy, Culture, Library Science, Informatics, Mathematics, Language, Literature, Law, Human Rights, Criminology, Learning, Education, Media, Communication, Natural Sciences, Technology, Psychology, Religion, Theology, Ancient and Modern Languages, Philosophy, History, Human Geography, Politics, Religion, Art, Engineering, Astronomy, Biology, Chemistry, Cognitive Science, Computer Science, Ecology, Geography, Geology, Linguistics, Physics, Psychology, Sociology, Music, Scatology and Zoology.

Current Issue

Vol 7 No 3 (2020)
Published: 2020-01-01