Use of E-resources by Undergraduate Students of Meenakshi Medical College Hospital & Research Institute, Kanchipuram, Tamil Nadu

J Arockia Anbarasu

Annamalai Polytechnic College, Chettinadu, Tamil Nadu, India

G Muruganandham

Librarian, Meenakshi Medical College Hospital & Research Institute, Tamil Nadu, India

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Reviewer’s Comments to Authors

Present research article has been analyzing the use of e-resources by undergraduate students of Meenakshi Medical College Hospital & Research Institute (MMCHRI). The study area is from Kanchipuram district of Tamil Nadu. This study aimed to highlight the Use of ICT in the area of Medical Science research and education, to Identify the use and purpose of internet services in the libraries, to investigate the use of e-resources by the students of MMCHRI, to point out the attitude of the students of MMCHRI towards utilize of e-resources, to find out the effective usage of e-resources in Medical Science and to Recommend of measures for the development in presented library e-resources of Medical College. Both primary (questionnaire) and secondary sources of data collections were used for the study.

Major Comments

  1. There is no information on the technique used to select sampling population. The questionnaire was distributed to 87 respondents where no information on the total population and technique used to select this particular number of respondents. The author has to incorporate the information in the paper.
  2. The primary objectives like (i) Use of ICT in the area of Medical Science research and education and (ii) Identify the use and purpose of internet services in the libraries has not been studied in anywhere of the paper. Descriptive details of the above said objectives have to be included in the paper or the author can remove the objectives.
  3. Study is not recommending the measures for the development in presented library e-resources of MMCHRI anywhere as mentioned in the objectives. The author of the paper is suggested to add the recommendation part as prescribed in the objectives of the study.
  4. There was no mention of the limitations of the study, one of which is the apparently high dropout rate. Also, mention how your results compare to (reference given to author) another study which was published very recently.

Minor Comments

  1. Study period not given in clear manner. The author has mentioned the Data was collected from the students during the library visit of the college in the year 2018 but not mentioning whether it is for academic year or for calendar year. It has to be cleared carefully.
  2. For each reference and the reviews of literature the researcher can add footnote in the concerned page.
  3. There is no interpretation for table 1 which should be added below to the table for the understanding purpose.

Associate Editor’s Critique

The study has several strengths where there was some weakness also. The major weakness of the study was not a complete study which is not fulfilling the requirement of the objectives. There is some missing information like period of study, limitations of the study, technique used for sampling populations which are the most essential part of a research paper.

Constructiveness of Comments

The review committee has given the constructive comments to the author /researcher.

Level of Detail of the Review

The review is fairly detailed, but the reviewer missed data inconsistence in the required field. There are some corrections to be taken place before the final review.

Substantiation of Comments

The reviewer made comments on the paper with references.

Was the Review Biased?

The study was reviewed under ‘nil’ biased basis.

Recommendation from the Reviewer

I recommend that, this paper be accepted after the above mentioned minor revisions.