Psychological Distress Correlates Marital Adjustment: A study among the Wives of Persons Dependent on Alcohol (WPDA)

Nandini Murali

Director, Suicide Prevention Education Awareness Knowledge (SPEAK), (An Initiative of M.S. Chellamuthu Trust and Research Foundation to change Conversations on Suicide and Promote Mental Health), Tamil Nadu, India

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Reviewer’s Comments to Authors

This research study made an attempt to find out the relationship between the level of Psychological Distress and Marital Adjustment among the Wives of Persons Dependent on Alcohol (WPDA). It framed with the aim to understand the selected socio- demographic profile of the care-givers of the WPDA, to measure the level of Psychological Distress and Marital Adjustment of the WPDA and to find out the relationship between the Psychological Distress and Marital Adjustment for the WPDA. The period of the study was 1st January 2018 to 31st June 2018 from 60 respondents.

Major Comments

  1. Abstract is main part of any research study. The paper is missing the abstract which will give a narrative view about the entire study, analysis, findings and etc. So, the author of the paper should include an abstract which will give the summarized content of whole study and keywords of the study.
  2. There is no information for where the study has been taken. Author should add the area of the study in title itself. So the readers of the paper will get an idea about the study area.
  3. Suggestions can be elaborate by including all the analysis was done. To give complete suggestion out of the findings of the study the author should consider all the table of analysis.
  4. There was no mention of the limitations of the study, one of which is the apparently high dropout rate. Also, mention how your results compare to (reference given to author) another study which was published very recently.
  5. Conclusion of the study is not a complete one. The other readers of the paper can’t get the exact figure of result from the conclusion given in the paper. The author should write the conclusion based on the title, research findings.

Minor Comments

  1. For each review of literature footnote can be created in the concerned page.
  2. Researcher can be highlight the research gap and pave the way for future research.

Associate Editor’s Critique

The study has much strength where there was minor weakness also. The very important needed information of the study like abstract, area of the study, limitations and scope for future research are missing. The author should include all the needed information for the study to strengthen the value of the paper.

Constructiveness of Comments

The review committee has given the constructive comments to the author /researcher.

Level of Detail of the Review

The review is fairly detailed, but the reviewer missed data inconsistence in the required field. There are minor corrections to be taken place before the final review.

Substantiation of Comments

The reviewer made comments on the paper with references.

Was the Review Biased?

The study was reviewed under ‘nil’ biased basis.

Recommendation from the Reviewer

I recommend that, this paper be accepted after the above mentioned minor revisions.