Transformation of Tribals through MGNREGA in Attappady Block of Palakkad District, Kerala Some Case studies

V P Lakshmi Devi

Research Scholar, Centre for Extension, The Gandhigram Rural Institute, Gandhigram, Tamil Nadu, India

M P Boraian

Professor & Director, Centre for Extension, The Gandhigram Rural Institute-Deemed to be University, Gandhigram, Tamil Nadu, India

Peer Review Report

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Reviewer’s Comments to Authors

Major Comments

  1. There is no information on period which the current study has been done. It is important to add the period of the study in the paper.
  2. The study has not discussed deeply about ‘the study has profiled the role of the scheme in not only providing livelihood to all the workers, but also in restoring the normal life of persons with disabilities such as mental depression, speech and visual impairment’ which highlighted in the abstract of the study. It is important to add the details related with the points which have given in the abstract.
  3. The objectives framed with the study is not been discussed in the study. Numbers of case studies were given where the author needs to give observed result/findings from those case studies and should compare and analyse the results with the objectives given in the study.
  4. Simply giving the case studies is not enough for the study where the author needs to give what the major output/purpose of different case studies discussed in the paper.
  5. There is no information on which the case studies were derived from whether primary data collections/secondary sources/both. If any one of these the author needs to give footnote reference details for each case studies given in the paper.
  6. Author needs to give what the contribution of MGNREGA in transforming the Tribal in Attapady block of Palakkad District. And it also needs to highlight the before and after of introduction of MGNREGA in study area.

Minor Comments

  1. Too many information has given randomly which is not particularly meet out the need for the study. The author should eliminate some data which is not exactly related to the study.
  2. There was no mention of the limitations of the study, one of which is the apparently high dropout rate.
  3. Researcher can be highlight the research gap and pave the way for future research.
  4. For every reference there should be a footnote in the relevant pages.