A Critical View of Thiruvenkadamudaiyan Temple

  • M Sugumari Ph.D. Research Scholar in History, Bharathiar University, Coimbatore
Keywords: sampradaya, Tiruvenkatam mountains, Alvars, Nadumunigal, Pandiamangalam


This micro-level study on the history of the Venkatamudaiyan Sannidhi on the south mada street at Srivilliputtur town takes only the Andal temple and the three streets surrounding the edifices of Sri Andal and that of Vadapatrasayi. The history of Srivilliputtur and its temples is given only to provide the required backdrop to the reader. Similarly the problem of the arrival of the Thathacharya families as well as the lineage and ancestry of the Srinivasacharyar family are the present controller of the Thiruvenkatamudaiyan Sannidhi.

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