A Study on Academic Achievement of Secondary School Students in Related to their Self Concept

  • C Preethi M.Ed Student, GRT College of Education
  • P Karnan Assistant Professor on Education, GRT College of Education
Keywords: Self-Concept, Academic Achievement, Sampling, Hypothesis, Survey


This study examined the relationship between academic achievement and self –conceptof secondary schoolstudents in Tiruvallur district. This study adopted normative survey method of research. Participants were 300 secondary school students randomly selectedfrom various secondary schools in Tiruvallur district. The researchinstruments used fordata collection was Academic Achievement Questionnairesdeveloped by Dr. PaulSinghand Dr.Melkisethek and Self-Concept questionnaires developed by Dr. Jerusalemand Salf-tested at 0.05 and 0.01 level of significance. The findings indicated that there is apositive relationship between Academic Achievement and Self-Concept of Secondary School Students. It is also foundlow level of academic achievement and self-concept of Secondary school students are moderate in nature. There exists significant impactWith respect to gender, medium of instruction location on the self-concept of secondary School students and there is no significant impact on gender, location on academic achievement of secondary school students.

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