The Socio- Economic Impact of Covid-19 or Corona Pandemic in India

Keywords: Covid-19, Pandemic, Communicable and no communicable, Social gathering, Global economy, Health emergency, Novel corona virus


Globalization has increased there health risk by pandemics like COVID-19 diseases or corona diseases. The successful growth of any country is largely dependent on citizens’ health. A healthy population contributes to productivity, saving, and progress. In 1950 India made remarkable efforts to improve public health. With India increasing population and industrialization increasing environmental problems and there is increasing communicability. No communicable diseases that not only effect the lives of people but also the working capacity of various sectors of economy such current burden is COVID-19 diseases. Due to this corona virus, firstly, its effect in china and china’s economic slowdown. And hence due to communicable diseases, firstly Maharashtra government stuck down their companies, railways, social gathering, and hence its direct effect on the economy and share market collapsed due to this virus. According to CII Indian economy falls below 5%in FY2021 if policy action is not taken urgently. Corona virus ha saw worrisome spreads in India recently. This paper explains the economic impact of COVID-19 disease and challenges in India’s faces and some suggestions to overcome this pandemic.

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P. Dhatrak, S. (2020). The Socio- Economic Impact of Covid-19 or Corona Pandemic in India. Shanlax International Journal of Arts, Science and Humanities, 8(1), 84-88.