Impact of Carnatic Raga-s on the Milk Yield of Cows

  • J Sankar Ganesh Assistant Professor, Department of Performing Arts, S.V. University, Tirupati, Andra Pradesh, India
Keywords: Influence of ragas, Ghana raga, Melakarta raga, Rakthi raga, Karuna rasa raga, Soka rasa raga, Mandolin, Flute, Nagaswaram, Veena, Milk yield, Peak lactation, Late Lactation Cows


Music is an integral part of human evolution. Indian music is religiously rooted and added as an essential part of religious activities. It is believed that Indian music originated and evolved from Samaveda. The origin of musical sounds perceived by birds and animals illustrates the close relationship of music with the environment. The other species of planet earth can also be influenced by music documented in various earlier literature. Experiments on the influence of music on the milking habit of cows started amid the 19th century in foreign countries. In India, this is a primordial attempt made by the author to study the influence of Carnatic music on the cows. This paper is intended to highlight the positive power of various aspects of Carnatic music on the milk yield of the cows. This paper is an outcome of the UGC- Major Research project, sanctioned to the author, entitled “Impact of Carnatic music on the milk yield of S.V. GosamrakshanashalaTirupati.”

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