Technical Terms and Thirugnana Sambandhar

  • S Subbulakshmi Director, School of Music and Fine Arts, Vels University (VISTAS), Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India
Keywords: Hymns, Pann, Padham, Geetham, Sandham, Cosmic dancer, Therapeutic, Pioneer Art, 64 Arts, Viththagar, Swaram, Layam, Musicology, Iyal, Nadam, Arangam


The Technical Terms are the specific Terms that are used in each particular subject. For example, Light, Heat, Sound, Thermal, Electrical, Magnetic are some for Physics and Acid, Base, Salt, Metal, Ore are some for Chemistry. Like this, the specific terms used only in Music and Dance are abundantly seen in Sambandhar Thevaaram, which belongs to the 7th Century. These Technical Music Terms are high-lighted in this article.

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