Transgender: Are the Invisible and Vulnerable?

Keywords: Transgender, Invisible, Vulnerable, Violation, Harassment, Discrimination, Medical, Depression, Protection, Rights


Transgender is a universal word applied to various individuals, behavior, and groups involving tendencies to deviate from the normative gender roles. The transgender person was socially disadvantaged, economically deprived, and politically disenfranchised. As the transgender lives in the most unhygienic conditions, they are prone to various diseases. Few transgender studies report that discrimination in access to health care is associated with numerous poor health outcomes, including a higher prevalence of HIV infection, substance use disorder, and suicide attempts too. A close analysis of various reports and discussion with community and stakeholders suggest that transgender are most uneducated or undereducated, become reluctant to continue schooling. They no longer need to beg on roads and go for prostitution. As a majority of them are abandoned by their families and thrown out of their homes, separate nursing homes should be constructed for the transgender community in order to provide the family less transgender individuals with shelter and security during the last days of their lives.

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