A Study on Recycling of Timber Waste and Fertilizer Production using Solar Powered Forced Air Supply

Keywords: Future Cultivation, N-fertilizer, Open Firing, Saw Powder, Soil Save, Timber Waste, Yield Rich, Zero pollution


The maximum amount of air pollution was obtained in India from diesel engine vehicles operation and open burning of saw dust waste in saw mills. Indoor air pollution in a house or working place environment would produce health-related problems. The air pollution produced diseases in human beings were asthma, Lung cancer, and skin irritant. It affected particular age groups in more numbers. They were the age group of children and aged peoples. This study of saw dust recycling came under the Indoor air quality Engineering. This paper would give a chance to study indoor air pollution in deep and solve air pollution problems. The saw mills produced more amount of saw dust per year and dumped in open ground. In general, the saw dust was disposed of in the open ground firing method. The air pollution was increased by this type of activity done by the saw mill owners. Due to urbanization and population growth, the living people occupied nearby areas of saw mills would lead to health-related problems. The present study highly focused on the saw dust recycling process with forced air circulation driven by the solar-powered unit and reduction in composting time. The conversion of saw dust into a natural fertilizer (N-fertilizer) was highly possible and served as a natural gift to each farmer. This fertilizer was completely replaced the existing large scale usage of chemical fertilizer in the agricultural lands. This process was an eco-friendly, low cost, and high root absorption rate in agricultural cultivation. The continuous usage of natural fertilizer in a land practice would produce an increased yield up to 20-30% in all cultivation crops. The main benefit of natural fertilizer utilization would maintain the NPK in the soil for a long time.

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Rajkumar, P. (2020). A Study on Recycling of Timber Waste and Fertilizer Production using Solar Powered Forced Air Supply. Shanlax International Journal of Arts, Science and Humanities, 8(2), 116-123. https://doi.org/10.34293/sijash.v8i2.3446