Kashmiri Folk Literature can Change Behavioural Patterns of Kashmiri People

  • Reyaz Ahmad Naik Patwari, Department of Revenue, Jammu and Kashmir, India


Kashmiri folk literature or lore is richest in the world without any doubt. Most pedagogical most reliable most trustworthy and most hilarious part of it is poetry (luki Shire), Opera (luki Peathir)Oral Stories(luki daleel) proverbs (luki Kathi), riddles (praitchi) and children literature (shuriAdb) now all persevered in book shapes. This literature preserved the whole character & behavioural patterns of  Kashmiri people and historical background of Kashmir. Kalhana's  Rajtarangni had been extracted from this folk lore is authentic and primary source of Indian history everyone accepted it’s authenticity and reliability. Not only this Banasarvad Kathathe story book belongs to Kashmiri folklore, Kathasaritasager, the vitaal  pachece the famous TV serial was  part of it. This literature can help the planners to maintain peace, prosperity and tranquillity in the valley  through its introduction in schools and colleges and organising cultural programs at various community halls, town halls, public places so that a period which was peaceful be broadcasted and visualized  for revival of memories and events which are hidden  due to turmoil and conflict in the J&K state. Human nature is flexible and humanity it's part, so if this literature flourished by one or other way it must inject peaceful elements in the minds of Kashmiri people and situation get altered with harmony. Hence Kashmiri folk literature can change the Scenario in J&K state, let us try to implement it’s effective characteristics and check the scene which would be different than it is.

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