Solid Waste Management in Poombarai Village of Kodaikanal - Strategy for Sustainability

  • J Gowtham Narayanan Assistant Professor, NR School of Architecture, Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu, India
Keywords: Sanitation, Deforestation, Sustainability, Demographic Study


Environmental issues are the most pertaining problems in almost all the hilly regions of Tamilnadu and its surrounding. The environment is mostly polluted and getting destroyed due to several aspects. The Mother Nature is been getting destroyed by several factors because of the human activities and nature by itself. This dissertation aims at examining certain environmental issues that are prevailing in all most all the hilly regions of the state. Some of the basic issues are the water pollution, sanitation, improper drainage systems, wastage of rain water, deforestation, soil erosion etc. This dissertation further aims to explore the relationship between the economic growth and the pressure on nature from the environmental sustainability perspective. The area chosen for the present study is one of the leading economically developed tourist spot of Tamilnadu viz kodaikanal. The region is well served with almost all economic factors and well developed area. But, it undergoes lots of environmental issues and problems that brings the value of the spot in lower level. Solid waste management is one of the major issue identified in the particular study area. In depth study and analysis of the issue is discussed in brief. The purpose of the study is to bring the better environment relating to several human aspects. The questionnaire has been developed in order to gather information regarding the current issues and demographic study on the particular village. The surrounding villages of Kodai has importance in each and every aspect, but the growth is less due to some environmental impacts that does not connects to the city easily. The second part tells about the major issues and people needs for better improvement.

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Gowtham Narayanan, J. (2019). Solid Waste Management in Poombarai Village of Kodaikanal - Strategy for Sustainability. Shanlax International Journal of Arts, Science and Humanities, 7(2), 89-94.