Combined Impact of Naturopathic Treatment and Yoga for Alcohol De-Addiction

  • R Ramadhevi Ph.D Research Scholar, WCSC- Vision Sky Research Center, Temple of Consciousness, Aliyar, Pollachi, Tamil Nadu, India
  • V Ramadas Assistant Professor, P.G and Research Department of Zoology, Raja Doraisingam Government Arts College, Sivagangai, Tamil Nadu, India
Keywords: Deadliest Killer Disease, Alcoholism, Naturopathic treatment, Traditional & Economic


Listed as one of the deadliest killer diseases of 20th century by WHO, alcoholism has serious health implications. In the recent years, there has been a significant increase not just in alcohol consumption, but also in alcohol abuse and addiction. Severe cases of alcoholism are also associated with social issues such as, poverty, depression, crime and marital discord. Alcohol abuse also plays a role in many social and domestic problems, from job absenteeism and crimes against property to spousal and child abuse.  Deaddiction treatment of alcohol has become one of the major challenges faced by the modern world.  Acamprosate,  disulfiram, and naltrexone are medications approved for treating alcohol  dependence but has proved to have side effects.  Naturopathic treatment for deaddiction of alcohol is gaining momentum as it has no side effects, traditional and economical.

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