The Realm of Death that Continues Like a Shadow, and the World that the Fictional World Portrays: The World of Novelist Iraianbu’s Avvulagam Novel

நிழல்போலத் தொடரும் மரணத்தின் வெளியும், புனைவுலகு சித்திரிக்கிற அவ்வுலகமும்: இறையன்புவின் ‘அவ்வுலகம்’ நாவலை முன்வைத்து

  • N Murugesapandian Former Professor, Department of Library and Information Science, Ganesar College of Arts and Science, Melasivapuri, Pudukottai District, Tamil Nadu, India
Keywords: Tamil Novels, Modern Fiction, V.Iraianbu, Avvulagm Novel, Death, Literary Criticism


Literary records of death questioning the existence of human beings from time to time have been found in Tamil since the Sangam period. Concepts of death in the Tamil tradition have been reported in ancient Tamil literary works. In terms of fiction, the number of novels in Tamil is small compared to short stories that precede death. The relationship between human beings and death is theoretically based on the novels ‘Sagavaram’ and ‘Avvulakam’ written by V.Iraianbu are noteworthy. The myths and legends created by V.Iraianbu who seek to trace the place of death as part or all of human life through storytelling are worthwhile.