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Respected Mam/Sir,

Vellore Institute of Technology (VIT) University, Chennai, cordially invites you to attend technoVIT 2017, an international extravaganza conducted from 14th – 16th September 2017. The theme of the technical fest is ‘Green Technology – Green Earth’. We are conducting various events and workshops for the students from all over the country. There are in total 150 events to be conducted during these three days by seven different departments that include paper presentations, formal technical and online events.

The various branches in our colleges are called schools and tech fests of the schools are given fascinating names based on their significance.

QUBIT: The coding lovers and the hackers of the future are the ones under the CSE group.

CONNECTIVIEEE: This group includes the keeper of currents, the bringer of power, the lords of lights, the wizards of wires and the core of communication and they are the EEE, ECE E&I, INC and ECM students.

DISENO: As the word suggests ‘DESIGN’, this group includes the people that have major participation in the design of our surroundings that are CIVIL and MECHANICAL engineers.

V-SPLASH: The lovers of the science branches such as PHYSICS, CHEMISTRY, LANGUAGES and the great MATHEMATICIANS are the ones appreciated here.

TAI:KUUN: The future entrepreneurs are the ones who are welcomed to grace the events under the BUSINESS SCHOOL.

GLITZ: The master of colours, the makers of comforts and the creators of decors are requested walk on the ramp of FASHION technology.

 VITNESS: The members of LAW and the head of justice are given the dates to make themselves available for the VITNESS hearings.

We request active participation of your college students. Overall poster and brouchre depicting all events of the technoVIT’17 has been attached. Please stay tuned to the following websites for further notifications.Thank You.


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Spot registrations are also available. Online registrations can be done through the link: ​

Faculty Coordinators:
Subbulakshmi T
Jamuna K –

Student Coordinators:
Kevin B S – 9789263626
S Vamsi K – 9092882583

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