Shanlax International Journal of Veterinary Science

V1 – N2 – October 2013

Influence of Microbial Feed Supplement on Milk Composition of Dairy Cows at Organized Farm and Field Level
P. Balachandran, G.A. Balasubramaniam, S.Sivaseelan, P. Srinivasan and B. Mohan
Ultrastructural Diagnosis of Rabies in a Goat
M. Asokkumar, L. Gunaseelan and S. Ramesh
Rheology and Sensory Characteristics of Low Fat Dairy Spread
G M Sivakumar, B.Dhanalakshmi and G.Gawdaman
Antibiotic Susceptibility of Common Bacterial Pathogens in Canine Urinary Tract Infections
S. Yogeshpriya, Usha N.Pillai, S. Ajithkumar and N. Madhavan Unny
Ocular Tear Film Stability in Extra Ocular Diseases of Dogs
A. Kumaresan, C. Ramani, L. Nagarajan, R. Sridhar and S. Ushakumary
Management of Gastronomicius Muscle Ruptures in Cows – A Report of Three Cases
A. Kumaresan, K. Ravikumar, S. Sivaraman, M.Selvaraju and S. Dharmaceelan
Sub Conjunctival Abscess in Crossbred Calves
R. Kalirajan, A. Kumaresan and B. Puvarajan
A Case of Caecal Torsion in a Thoroughbred Horse
M. Venkatesan, D. Sumathi, P. Pothiappan, B. Gowri and P. Selvaraj
Dystocia Due to Fetal Hydrocephalus in a Jersey Crossbred Heifer – A Case Report
K. Ravikumar, A. Kumarasen, M. Selvaraju and S. Sivaraman
Medical Management of Chronic Otitis Externa in a Cow – A Case Report
Priyanka, R.B. Dhabale, L. Rashmi and R.D. Padalkar

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