Shanlax International Journal of Veterinary Science

V3 – N3 – January 2016

Intussusception in a Rabbit Associated with pasteurellosis
T. Devi, C. Sreekumar, Karu. Pasupathi, B. Puvarajan and H. Gopi
Economic Losses due to Milk Fever in Dairy Farms in Tamil Nadu
V. Senthilkumar, A. Mohamed Safiullah, G. Kathiravan, M. Subramanaian and K. Mani
Post Mortem Findings in Poultry Birds of Jammu Region
Shilpa Sood, Suresh Kohli, Navrose Sangha and D. Basheer Ahamad
Pathology of the Trachea and Lungs in Sheep
D. Basheer Ahamad, S. Azmi, Shilpa Sood and Rajesh Katoch

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