Call for Articles

We welcome articles from faculty, research scholars and postgraduate students specializing in English and Education. These proposals should explore the convergence of technology, language, and literature.

Sub Themes:

  • Digital education for a new humanity
  • Literature and film for language study
  • Language dynamics, global English and multilingualism
  • Human Robots relationship in science fiction
  • Ethics and morality in robotic literature, language and media
  • Integrating digital tools in to literature and language classrooms
  • Machine translation and its effects on cross cultural literary communication
  • Digital ethics for changing world
  • Digital tools for analyzing stylistic elements and narrative structure
  • Innovative approaches to teaching and learning literature and language technology
  • Developing and promoting innovative methods of language and literature
  • Interdisciplinary and multidisciplinary humanities
  • Relationship of humanities in technology
  • Human representation and expression through art, media and technology
  • Socio cultural narrative in literature
  • Globalization and its discontents
  • Language dynamics: Global English and multilingualism
  • Digital ethics for changing world
  • Language and media
  • Interpreting / understanding digital art in literature
  • Representation of media in language and literature
  • New media, new message and new meaning in digital society

Tracks for Paper Presentation

  • Teaching English with digital tools
  • Digital storytelling and narrative analysis
  • Digital humanities and cultural studies
  • Text analysis and corpus linguistics
  • Digital archives and preservation
  • Authorship attribution and stylometry
  • Multimodal analysis
  • Collaborative research and crowdsourcing
  • Challenges and ethical considerations
  • Future trends and prospects 

Norms of the Paper

  • Kindly follow the 9th edition of the MLA Handbook for documentation
  • Give both books and journal references with in-text citations.
  • Font & Size: Times New Roman & 12pt
  • Line Spacing: Double
  • Paper must be free from plagiarism
  • Word Count: 2500-3000 (excluding abstract and reference)
  • Abstract: 200 words with minimum 6 keywords