• As per the Journal policies, the selected articles will be published as a Special Issue in "Shanlax Journals" a peer reviewed, refereed journal.
  • Depends upon the article scope, it will be published in ‘Shanlax International Journal of English(Indexed in MLA periodicals) or ‘Shanlax International Journal of Education(Indexed in ERIC).
  • All articles will be published with DOI (Digital Object Identifier).
  • Indian authors whose article selected for publication will get a hard copy of the Journal with a certificate.
  • Foreign authors whose article selected for publication will get a soft copy (pdf) of the Journal with e-certificate.
  • Maximum of three authors will be allowed per article.

Review Process

The articles will be judged on the basis of their originality, relevance, and contribution to the contemporary academic landscape. The articles will be subjected to a single-blind peer review procedure. All the articles will be reviewed for publication. Selected articles will be copy-edited, and authorised for publishing. The decision of the chief editor is final.

Plagiarism Alert & Disclaimer

All submissions must be original and include a Declaration of Originality declaring that the work has not been published elsewhere. Contributors are requested to adhere to academic ethics when it comes to acknowledging ideas acquired from others. The Conference team and editors will not be held liable for any mistakes made by contributors regarding plagiarism and inappropriate quotes in their submissions. Contributors will be held accountable for any breaches of legal obligations and publishing ethics.