A Study on the Economic Contribution of Milk Production in Tamil Nadu

  • S A Shamsudeen Ibrahim Assistant Professor, PG and Research Department of Commerce, Dr. Zakir Hussain College, Ilayangudi, Sivagangai, Tamil Nadu, India
Keywords: Economic Development, Growth Driver, Production Potential, Demand for Neural Development, Subsidiary Activity, Socio-economic Conditions of Milk Producers


Animal cultivation and dairying assume an imperative job in the rural economy of India. It is a necessary subordinate to crop production. Dairy cooperatives and private dairies are assuming significant job to improve the milk production in various districts of India. Growth of milk production is formed by socio-economic, innovative, and institutional components, which act both on the demand and the inventory sides. The demand-related economic factors which impact milk production incorporate per capita income, populace growth, urbanization, cost of milk, and its substitutes, income-use versatility, and utilization pattern. The special trait of the Indian dairy industry is that heft of milk production in our nation is dealt with by little milk producers who are unskilled and insensible of economic parts of milk production brave is a safe path and eventual fate of our neural development and turned into a business endeavor. It can contribute generously to a farmer’s income. His method for looking to the challenging has not been changed from auxiliary to business. This issue truly lessen the production possibilities of animals, particularly cross breeds as they sand progressively defenseless to ailments, hardships, and contingencies impossible to miss to the Indian atmosphere. Be that as it may, there is little proof accessible on how much the farmers and the country lose because of animal infections. The reproductive capacity the animal, a significant worry in its economic misfortunes to farmers’ an incentive in dairy farming, is as often as possible identified with periparturient occasions as unwanted health identified with occasions during this period may result in tremendous economic misfortunes to farmers. Before the finish of development in dairy makes gigantic demands for vitality, protein is with the end goal that it happens at the most productive time of a lactating animal. Tamil Nadu is one of the states with a decent potential for milk production, and the private dairies are giving great and healthy rivalry. Dairy cooperatives and private dairies have not just given an organized system to milk marketing to the rural family units, yet also gave the essential specialized information sources like arrangement of manual semen injection, health administrations, and different data sources. Hence, the present study has been done to give an overview of the economic contribution of Milk Production in Tamil Nadu, and the study is completely based on the secondary sources of data collections.

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