The Impact of Establishing Environmental Standards on Environmental Accounting Development

  • T Biju Assistant Professor in Commerce, BJM College, Chavara, Kollam, India
  • Hamid Ravan Paknoodezh Research Scholar, FMN College, Kollam, India
Keywords: Environment, Green Accounting, Costing and Disclosure


In this article, green environmental accounting has been reviewedto identifyapplications and the need for it. Environmental accounting provides information that helps in evaluating the decision-making control and reporting functionality of managers in the early stages of the development of accounting issues for the corporate environment. They were reluctant to disclose environmental languages in their financial affairs. However, due to the time and the magnitude of the damage, companies had to comply with these issues. Recognizing the environmental costs associated with a company's products is critical to the decision-making process of management. The use of accounts Environmental issues have become more manageable in issues such as the cost of investment analyzes and strategic management decisions. Today, many companies are facing environmental issues and are looking for the right way to report and disclose information to the public. As a result, the use of environmental accounting As an attempt to protect the environment.

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