Perception Analysis of Online Shopping: A Case Study of

Keywords: Cybercrime, Privacy issue, Security, Digital Payment


This paper is designed to study the perception of the consumer about online shopping, to know the optimistic and pessimistic influence of online shopping on the consumers and to study the consumer behaviour towards online shopping. For the study, the researcher has selected 50 respondents who are familiar with Amazon. It particularly focused on the problems or the benefits availed from online shopping. A common problem faced by the customer while shopping online is quality service. The biggest problem while buying things online is that there is no guarantee of product quality, digital payments failure, unclear returns and guarantee policies, cyber security or more precisely the lack of it is a major problem on the internet today All levels of customers were surveyed by using a questionnaire, and the level of satisfaction or dissatisfaction from the online shopping was studied. Finally, the detail information about the benefits they had received was also considered. A small attempt has been made to understand the benefits of online shopping, and also the limitation of online shopping was studied concerning AMAZON. Finally, it attempts to offer suggestions to customers to educate much more about online shopping.

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