A Study on Entrepreneurial Traits among the Women College Students with Special Reference to Dindigul District

  • J Jeyanthi M.com, M.Phil, Assistant Professor of Commerce, Research Scholar, Arulmigu Palaniandavar College of Arts and Culture, Palani
  • G Themozhi M.com, M.Phil. Ph.D, PGDE.com, Principal, Research Supervisor, Arulmigu Palaniandavar Arts College For Women, Palani


In the era of liberalization, Privatization anf Globalization along with ongoing IT revolution, today's world is changing at a surprising level. Political and economic transformations appear to be taking place everywhere-as countries convert from command to demand economics, dictorships move towardd democrative system, and monarchies build new civil instituations. These changes have created economic opportunities for women who want to own and operate businesses.

Today, women entrepreneurs represent a group of women who have broken away from the beaten track and are exploring new avenues of economic participation. Among the reasons for women to run organized enterprises are their skill and knowledge, their talents, abilities and creativity in business and a compelling desire of wanting to do something positive. It is high time that countries should rise to the challenges and create more support systems for encouraging more entrepreneurship amongst women. At the same time, it is up to women to break away from stereotyped mindsets.

This paper focuses on the concept of women entrepreneurs in India; their traits in business, the problmes faced by them when they set up and make some suggesstions for future prospects for development of women entrepreneurs.

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