Consumer Awareness and Buying Behaviour Towards Organic Food Products

  • R Aruljothi Research Scholar, Chikkana Government Arts College, Tiruppur
  • C Malleshwaran Assistant Proferssor of Commerce (International Business) Post Graduate and Research Department, Chikkana Government Arts College, Tiruppur


The Consumption of organic food product and usage is highly determined by market demand. This is reflected in consumers awareness and buying behaveiour towards organic food products. The research of 120 respondents. Results indicated that the main reasons for purchasing organic food products are on  expectation of a healthier and environmentally friendly means of production the health benefit of organic food products & well known and this has increased the demand for organic products through there is a considerable resistance to organic food product due to increase differences with satisfaction. This variation in price income is playing a significant role in consumer awareness and buying behaviour towards organic food products. This study aims at understand the significance of income, its effects on consumer and the consumers reactions towards satisfaction

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