Production and Marketing of Jasmine in Madurai District

  • S Rosita Assistant Professor, Department of Commerce, Madurai Kamaraj University, Madurai
  • K Manivannan Assistant Professor, Department of Business Administration, Senthamarai College of Arts and Science, Madurai


Jasmine is fragrant and beautiful flower. The jasmine flower comes under the category of commercial flowers. India is a developing country. Here population also rises day by day. Their needs and wants also increase accordingly. Agriculture is a main activity of our country. The jasmine production and will come under the agricultural activity. Women of all age groups wear the jasmine flowers in their hair put – ups. It is believed that it gives a cooling effect to the head and it improves image of the people. People of all religions use jasmine flowers on their occasions. So the demand for jasmine in our country is greater and greater. The earning capacity of the growers will be increased a great extent. In developed countries, agriculture is treated as an industry, although it is fundamentally, different in many ways from other industries – both the extracting and manufacturing. So the developed countries introduced some institutional and technical changes.

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