Obstacles of Rural Women Self Help Groups in Entrepreneurial Venture, Tirunelveli District

  • S Santhi Lecturer, Department of Commerce, Shrimati Indira Gandhi College, Tiruchirappalli
Keywords: Entrepreneurship, Self Help Groups


‘Women in businesses’ are considered as a recent phenomenon in India. As education has spread and compulsions for earning have grown, changes have started taking place as far as role of women in economic development and strides have been made by women in setting instrument to the empowerment of women. There are many organizations promoting women entrepreneurship in India. In Tamilnadu, the spirit of entrepreneurship triggered through Self Help Groups (SHGS) Scheme has resulted in inducing women to take up Income Generating Activities. When the access to capital is made easy for them, they are sure to take up economic activities. The access to capital along with acquisition of skills and other supporting services extended through SHG scheme will turn the women from the rural areas into entrepreneurs thus leading to the upliftment of their socio-economic well-being. At this backdrop, the present study is devoted to obstacles of rural women Self Help Groups in Entrepreneurial Venture, Tirunelveli District.

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