Global Competitiveness a Path to High Productivity

  • G Kalaiamuthan Officer-in-charge, Asst. Prof in Commerce, Sri Jayendra Saraswathi Centre,SCSVMV University, Ramanathapuram
Keywords: Productivity, Workforce productivity, Chris Argyris’ Models


Workforce productivity is a key factor in the productivity concept. Productivity is defined as the ratio of output to input, or the results achieved per unit of resource; a measure of how effectively the resources are utilized. In the traditional interpretation on productivity, the effective use of inputs or resource like material, money, time and the process is significantly concerned in theconvert process to output, but in the globalised competitive era, it has been considered as a key component in the process of effective use of resources to high productivity is Workforce. Over a period, the resources capital, energy and materials were brought into the ambit of productivity consideration to reflect their relative contribution which leads to developing productivity techniquesto reduce wastages and to improve efficiency in every input process. Productivity gets a value added activity of an organization with the contribution of highly motivated, committed and value added workforce to the effective use of other resources material, money, time to convert process to the effective output to stay competitive in global or domestic market. The paper deals with productive workforce, how to create it, Chris Argyris’ model organizations and concludes with the importance of productive workforce.

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