Forming System and Income Security: A Case of Areca nut Farmers

  • Harish Tigari Faculty Member, Department of Commerce, Davangere University, Shivagangotri, Karnataka, India
  • S Rajamma PG Student, Department of Commerce, Davangere University, Shivagangotri, Karnataka, India
Keywords: Areca nut, mixed crop, Farming system, Income security, agriculture


India is an agriculture-based country, most of the people depending on that, for leading their life. In a rural area, people will be followed a variety of farming system, in that areca nut is one of the major commercial crops in Karnataka and it has the never-ending list of uses. It took place in all religious, social, and cultural functions. Although the production of areca nut is localized in a few states, the commercial product of areca nut is widely distributed all over the country and is consumed by all classes of people. Areca nut, economy is currently facing crises from several fronts keeping this background the present study was in hiriyuru.  Due to the reason of rainfall, the production will be very less, in that situation government will support to the areca nut farmers, in terms of providing subsidies or bank loans and controlling the price fluctuation, these factors positively impact on development farming system of areca nut farmers. Recurrent crash in the prices of areca nut and server past and disease attacks on the palms are the serious problems in the traditional areca nut-growing regions besides, scarcity of labor or carry out various form operations in time becoming a major deterrent in areca nut cultivation in recent years. This situation called for intervention by the government, in the form of minimum support price (MSP) to provide stability to areca nut economy during 2002, similarly, unplanned areca nut explanation, impact surge, recurrent legal intervention in the use of some of the value added areca nut product like gutka and pan masala have been treating the very survival of areca nut economy. These have put in jeopardy the livelihood security of millions of farmers and workers depending on areca nut cultivation and marketing in India

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