A Study on Bio-Medical Waste Management in McGANN Hospital with Special Reference to Shimoga

  • H Manjula Bai Faculty Member, Department of Post Graduate Studies and Research in Commerce, Sahyadri College of Commerce and Management, Shimoga, Karnataka, India
Keywords: Waste management, Bio-medical wastes, McGANN hospital, Healthcare, General medical waste, Infectious medical waste, Hazardous medical waste, Radioactive medical waste


This paper is designed to study the Bio-Medical waste Management in McGANN Hospital in Shimoga. This study is done to assess the types and components of Bio-Medical Waste generated in the McGANN Hospital, to examine the means of waste disposal by McGANN Hospital, and to analyse the mode and frequency of Bio-Medical waste collection, to make recommendations for effective management of Bio-Medical waste in the McGANN Hospital and to know the medical waste segregation practices prevailing in the hospital This helps to identify the issues and problems faced by the hospital with the waste management. And how the waste management is useful to the society. The study focus on the degree of management skills that the hospital utilise in effective waste management. For the purpose of the study, the researcher has selected 50 respondents who are the employees of the hospital and take part in the waste management process. Exploratory research methodology is used to conduct the study. It includes survey and fact finding enquiries of different kind. It focused on the problems or the benefits availed from waste management. All employees of various department in the Hospital were surveyed by using questionnaire and the level of satisfaction or dissatisfaction from waste management was studied. Finally the detailed information about the benefits about the waste management were considered. Finally, it makes an attempts to offer suggestions to the employees of the hospital, regarding how better they can do to improve the management of Bio-Medical Waste.

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