Benefits of e-CRM Services among Private Banking Customers - A Study with Special Reference to Pollachi Taluk

  • M Deepa Assistant Professor, PG Department of Commerce (CA) Nallamuthu Gounder Mahalingam College, Pollachi, Tamil Nadu, India
Keywords: Banking, Electronic customer relationship management, Indian Banking


Banking Industry has witnessed a lot of changes in all the of Liberalization. The advent of foreign banks into the country and the licensing of the private sector have created stiff competition within the business. E-CRM’s role is more important for the healthy growth of the banking business and combats the competition from rivals. The objectives of the study are: to identify the benefits enjoyed by the customers while using e-CRM services. The data study is based on the primary data collected by way of a distributed, well-framed questionnaire. There are 120 questionnaires issued among the customers. Convenience sampling methods have been adopted in this study. Some of the findings of the studies are: Most of the consumers are belonging to the age group between 22-30years. Most of the consumers (66.67%) are female. The majority of the consumers (45.00%) are postgraduates. Most of the Consumers (49.16%) are married. The majority of the respondents (51.67%) are residing in the rural area. Some of the suggestions of the study are as follows: To improve user friendly, to secure customer personal information, and Awareness camp must be conducted to educate account holders about e-CRM service, To reduce the service charges and transaction charges. It is concluded that Customer satisfaction was found to be key advantages prove by the bankers while using e-CRM and the main benefit of this e-banking is convenience to the customers. Now a day’s consumers mostly prefer to use online banking services because the consumers do not have time to go to the bank and withdraw money, for the consumers need more time.

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